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    Box Dimension: How to measure a Box?

    How to measure a Box

    With different Custom mailer boxes qualities, designing, and sizes in the market, it becomes challenging for a person to identify the right option for the product packaging. As you are considering it for the first time, it would feel like a confusing or hectic process. Well, there is nothing to worry about as you can learn a proper method to measure the box. So, whether you are doing it for the first time or not, you won’t pick the wrong box for the packaging of the product. Stick with the article as we have mentioned useful information in the below sections.


    Examining the product:



    According to the experts, it’s important to examine the product size and type. These two aspects are important to fit perfectly fits product inside the box. Usually, people don’t make an eye to examine the product size and type, which leads to buying a small or extra-large box for the product.


    Every product has its type of packaging due to its size and shape. Therefore, an examination of the product can give you a firm idea about choosing the right packaging for the product. If you have selected the right size and shape of cheap custom mailer boxes, it won’t make an issue that you have a cheaper option as the product can fit inside perfectly.



    Measurement of the box:



    If you are selecting a colored mailer box for the products that attract customers, it’s important for you to get the measurement of it. Of course, you already know the size and type of the box; now, taking the measurement can bring positive results.


    One thing that needs to be understood is that taking the measurement is beneficial when you expect to put more than one product inside the box. Usually, one product doesn’t come out with issues as it can easily make its way inside the box. However, multiple products create issues that are resolvable with the right measurements in advance. But at the same time, you have to save money, so you can’t afford to put the small products in the large size custom boxes. You need to go with the custom small sizes boxes for the small-size products.


    Length x Width x Height is the general rule to take box measurements. So, you should go with a similar approach for the measurement of the box. However, one major blunder that most people make is only taking the measurements of the exterior dimensions. Interior dimensions are usually skipped by people that could be better. Also, we have seen in various forums where it’s stated that interior measurement is good when you are purchasing boxes for the business. Whether you are shipping or purchasing the box, it has to be measured from both interior and exterior sides.


    When you measure both interior and exterior parts, it becomes usual that the product inside the box will get some room for adjustments. So, when you use the box to store or send the products, they will never get damaged.



    Get the Weight of the product:



    Getting high-quality custom mailer boxes for the products is always a good option as it brings value. However, only some have the option to afford such types of boxes. Sometimes, a normal customizable mailer box can provide value in the packaging.


    If you want to decide whether to choose a high-quality or normal box, you have to go with getting the product's weight. Taking the product's weight can give you the exact idea of what quality and size of product packaging you need to consider.


    The article is about taking measurements, but this golden rule can give you a better image of the product packaging. So, you can consider it before the above two procedures.



    Considering the Ideal Size of the Box:



    After following the above procedures, you may get the boxes in slightly different sizes than your product. If it’s the case, you must go with the ideal size. Here, the ideal size refers to the box with the closest dimensions relative to the product you plan to put inside. So, it will make a difference.



    Why is the Measurement of the Boxes important?



    Whether considering it for personal or business purposes, measuring the boxes is important in keeping the product safe and fresh as it was first put inside. In terms of personal purpose, measuring the boxes can allow you to keep the product inside the box in the home for years without worrying about damage to the product. If you are shifting to other locations, you don’t have to open the box and just put it in the car and shift to another location. Meanwhile, the business purpose of measuring the box allows the person to present the product aesthetically to other customers will help improve the business growth.


    Apart from that, Measuring the box is also important because it provides a lot of room inside the product. Therefore, when the products are settled down perfectly inside the box, they will stay in their place, which ensures the product will stay in its prime condition.


    Nathan Ford

    NATHAN FORD Tuesday 06 December 2022

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