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    Why you need custom soap boxes for your soap products?

    Since the soap industry has matured and tons of manufacturers are already struggling to find their competitive edge, you need elegant and alluring custom soap boxes to make your soap product surpass other brands. Every soap brand is trying new ways to improve its product’s visibility and increased sales at the same time. Many brands seek professional help to develop an artistic paper packaging solution to attract their customers. In this scenario, visually appealing custom soap product boxes are indispensable to grow your business.

    Where can you find affordable custom soap packaging boxes?

    At CustomBoxline, excellence meets affordability focusing on producing promising custom soap packaging boxes for your soap product. Our prices are highly competitive and affordable as we offer the best for less. We further extend our assistance to make this customization process effortless and provide you with free templates and mockups so that you get a clear visual of your packaging before production. We have multiple physical sampling options to choose what works for you. The perceived value of the soapbox is much more than what it costs. We also provide free worldwide shipping and deliver your custom designed box with great care through a reliable carrier.

    How CustomBoxline can help you with custom wholesale soap packaging boxes?

    We are aware of the fact that in present times custom packaging is a silent marketing tool. Therefore, CustomBoxline is one company with limitless custom printing and packaging solutions to create custom wholesale packaging boxes for your soap brand. We are in the printing and packaging industry for more than a decade and offer a full-service printing and packaging experience to pioneer excellence and innovation. Our company comprises individuals, fully equipped with the latest print methods and packaging technology to produce upbeat wholesale soap box for you. We partner with soap manufacturers to achieve their goal of enormous sales of their soap products by creating brand packaging with great impressions to market their business and faster growth. Believing in everything you create matters, our expert designers help you formulate your custom soap boxes to render your soap brand exclusive in the retail world. They recommend you a style of packaging that may suit your product the best. They understand and carefully analyze your design intricacies and work with you on every detail of your soap packaging designs to gain perfection. Our skilled production team works tirelessly and performs every step vigilantly to build meticulous wholesale soap packaging exceeding your expectations. Our strict uncompromised quality control check ensures you get every piece of your order in the utmost pristine condition. We have a quick turnaround and deliver your soap boxes wholesale securely to your doorstep with no additional shipping cost. We go beyond in customer support and leave no stone unturned to assist our valued customers with a prompt response and immediate resolution to turn your customization experience into a lasting professional bond.

    Multiple cardstock options to create custom soap boxes

    At Customboxline, we have the finest high-standard paper materials to create your soap bar packaging. These cardstocks come in various thicknesses and strengths.

    Our cardboard also known as paperboard comes in different thicknesses ranging from 16pt to 24pt. Our cardboard soap boxes are strong enough to hold up to 1lb. You can pick the desired strength of paperboard as per your product’s requirements.

    Natural Kraft:
    Our natural kraft material is organic and is used for natural soap packaging. Our organic kraft is available in multiple strengths from 14pt to 24pt and can hold up to 1lb. When you customize your packaging, the thickness depends on how heavy your product is. Our kraft soap boxes are trendy for their vintage look.

    Corrugated Cardstock:
    This corrugated cardstock is made of two layers of kraft and the middle layer of flute glued together to confer sturdiness and resilience to the soap packaging material. Corrugated soap packaging is great for bulkier goods and shipping your items directly. Perfect for delivery our strong corrugated soap box is tremendously popular among e-commerce and subscription-based businesses.

    Rigid/ Set up Box material:
    Our rigid boxes are made of 36pt to 120pt condensed paperboard that is 4 times thicker than the regular paperboard packaging to ensure product’s protection and perceived luxury. This box type is usually ordered by premium brands to sell their precious soaps in luxury soap packaging.

    How to create your soap packaging in style?

    We firmly believe that one box does not fit all. For different sizes and styles of soaps, you cannot order the same box style. To meet the diverse needs of your creative products we customize and offer unlimited size and style options to make your packaging as unique as your product. When it comes to picking your packaging style, your company’s goal sets the first stepping stone. For example:

    a) If you are selling a scented soap, you may pick a box with window, enabling your customer to smell the soap.
    b) For a simpler packaging solution, you may desire tuck boxes, user-friendly and easy to stack on retail shelves.
    c) In case, you aim to attract your customers with the vibrant colors of the soaps, the sleeve box may be a great pick as it offers a quick view of the product.
    d) If you desire to gain consumer’s attention with the beautiful patterns on your product, you may like soap sleeve more than others.
    e) Our lid and tray box style is yet another soap box packaging that may be perfect for your valuable soap.
    f) You may go for a drawer box also known as a lid and tray box for your creative soap packaging.
    g) For bulk soap packaging, your choice of box style will be more practical like our folding cartons.
    h) For heavier goods, you may prefer corrugated soap packaging.

    Thus, we customize what you like and as you like to bring your creativity to life.

    Impact of advanced print and finishing methods on Custom Printed Soap Boxes?

    After you have picked your box style, the next step comes to how to decorate your custom printed soap boxes. CustomBoxline offers advanced technology for creative brands to innovate soap box printing that makes a difference.

    Advanced Print Methods: We deploy advanced print methods to execute your packaging production. Our products are printed through the lithographic printing process, known to be the most accurate process to reproduce color. Our graphics are crisp and clear and illustrate vibrancy. CustomBoxline is equipped to ensure exact color matching to retail branding using the Pantone color spectrum.

    Latest Finishing Techniques: We use soft matte finish, high-gloss, water-based coating, varnish, and other luxury finishes to building custom printed soap boxes packaging to make it much more than just packaging. Our paper custom printed soap box generates feelings and allows an unforgettable unboxing experience and establishes a connection between the consumer and the producer.

    CustomBoxline and Eco-friendly Soap Packaging

    Having a profound sense of responsibility and a perspective of care, CustomBoxline recommends 100% recycled and recyclable cardstock to produce biodegradable soap boxes for your beauty soaps. Our natural kraft paper is 100% natural and is environment-friendly. We use organic plant-based soya beans inks safe for the people and the planet. Our brown kraft cardboard comes in various thicknesses and can be customized in different sizes, shapes, and designs. For an eco-friendly vibe, you can decorate your custom compostable soap packaging with rustic and artisanal artwork. Our printing team adds care through packaging and works diligently on every step of producing organic soap packaging boxes for your caring product.

    How we make your luxury soap packaging more exclusive?

    Dedication to excellence, CustomBoxline creates set-up luxury soap packaging for premium brands which believe in perfection. For elegant soap packaging, we consume top-quality 36pt to 120pt condensed paperboard to generate durability and faultless protection. The exterior of the box can be customized with desired cardstock such as cardboard or kraft to suit your dazzling design. We decorate the interior and exterior of your luxury soap boxes by imprinting your artwork and refining it with our top-quality finishes for an exclusive feel. For further exquisite and distinct touch, we introduce gold, rose gold, silver, and rainbow stamping to take your soap bar box to another level of being exotic. We have several other latest techniques to render your boxes a premium look to outshine other retail soap brands on the retail shelves.