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    Custom Printed Luxury Boxes

    Product Description :

    Also known as grey-board set-up boxes or rigid boxes, they are a premium packaging solution for high-end products. Get a quote for our wholesale luxury boxes with free shipping.

    Key Features:

    • Premium quality material for luxury items
    • A wide array of custom sizes and styles
    • Various surface embellishment options
    • Versatile and aesthetically appealing boxes
    • The flip top and magnetic closure mechanism
    • CMYK process printing or Pantone color spectrum


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.

    Features & Services

    Our key features and services help brands move forward with seamless production for

    their custom printed luxury boxes and providing an edge in the challenging retail competition.


    Material Selection

    CustomBoxline sources a unique blend of substrates combined to result in the best match for your custom luxury boxes.


    Lithographic Printing

    All our custom-made rigid boxes are produced through the lithographic process, providing a superior print quality over any other printing technique.


    Premium Finishing

    Explore a plethora of surface finishing options to customize your luxury packaging that is sure to increase brand visibility.


    Sustainable Solution

    We offer ecocentric products that are devoted to reducing the industries’ carbon footprint on this planet.

    Rigid Boxes

    The rigid board is made from layering dense sheets of foam. It gives your end product a safe and durable structure, with a silky soft exterior texture. A rigid board is a go-to material for presenting your products in a high-end, luxurious manner.

    Discover elegance, the likes of which you've never encountered before. Our state-of-the-art equipment, professional design team, and dedicated staff work in conjunction to assemble what can only be defined as a pure extravagance. If you're looking to buy luxury boxes, CustomBoxline is at your service.

    Superior Embellishment Options

    Our entrée of customizations offers decor choices befitting any make and design of boxes. Indulge in potential augments
    to your everyday products as you navigate your way through our endless benefits.

    High Gloss

    High gloss ink has a super shiny property. It gives your product a vibrant and reflective appearance that is captivating to anyone who lays eyes on it. High gloss ink's distinctive quality is the brilliant sheen it gives to anything you apply it on. CustomBoxline produces glossy mailer boxes that are sure to create an impact.

    Soft Matte

    The matte texture is no stranger to popularity thanks to its alluring texture. There's just something so enticing about feeling the matte texture in your grip. Likewise, we incorporate this feeling in your tuck top mailer boxes by giving it a soft matte texture in any shade necessary.

    Spot UV

    Spot UV is the lamination of ink across specific areas or letters on a box to give it a glossy appearance. One word to define the experience of feeling that lamination on your products would be - Prestige. Promote your brand with a subtext of sophistication by getting a spot UV finish.

    Foil Stamping

    Yet another surface finish that is synonymous with prestige, Foil stamping allows you to present your name and logo in shades of reflective silver or gold. To your audience, the first glance at foil stamping leaves a lasting impression of premium quality.

    Integrating the Experience

    From a meticulous designing phase to an immaculate finish, luxury rigid boxes are carefully sculpted down to the last detail to exude superior
    craftsmanship effortlessly. All of these aspects come together in synchronous harmony to form the perfect luxury brand packaging
    that you envisioned and all that's left is to lay the inserts that hold your products.

    Custom Inserts & Dividers

    These inserts are tailor-made using your product's measurements to make sure they fit perfectly, hence adding an extra layer of opulence and security. Additionally, dividers can be added to your boxes to partition or organize your products within the custom luxury box packaging.

    Key Features

    • Custom Layouts
    • Product Safety
    • Optimize shipping
    • Printing & Finishing
    • Up-scale Presentations

    Sustainable Extravagance

    Rigid boxes can also be combined with Kraft paper to make them an eco-friendly and ideal choice for environmentally friendly and
    bio-degradable packaging. Deliver your products in utmost prestige as well as playing a part in keeping the environment safe.


    What are Luxury Boxes or Rigid Boxes?

    Behind the veil of a hard, durable exterior, lies an intricately designed box structure that employs space-age printing technology to construct it. Every square inch of these custom rigid boxes is the product of research and development years in the making. All to ensure that our customers are provided with nothing short of phenomenal quality. Rigid boards have a pasted paperboard or Kraft paper on the outside which enhances the unboxing experience and leaves your customers asking for more.

    Why Choose Rigid Boxes and Luxury Packaging?

    Think of your custom-made rigid boxes as an extension of not only your product but also your brand. Our packaging is like a stage for your products to be displayed most exorbitantly. However, for an item to draw attention to itself, a model stage has to be set using brilliance and quality. It would be remiss not to deliver your products in packaging befitting their stature.

    Rigid boxes are a perfect solution for high-end products. Here are a few examples of our set up boxes custom made for different types of markets,

    Custom Packaging FAQs

    Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about custom packaging.
    If you don't find your answer here please call us at 1-800-205-9972 and talk to one of our packaging consultants.


    Luxury boxes are high-end packaging solutions designed to be visually appealing and often serve as a critical part of branding and marketing strategies for luxury products. They are made with higher-quality materials, have superior finishing, and are more durable than regular cardboard boxes.


    The cost of luxury boxes varies depending on various factors such as size, materials used, design complexity, and quantity ordered. Typically, they are more expensive than regular cardboard boxes due to their premium quality and customization options.


    Luxury boxes can be made from various materials, including high-quality cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, and leather, depending on the desired look and feel.


    Luxury boxes can be made from sustainable materials, and some companies try to minimize their environmental impact by using eco-friendly production processes and materials. However, they are only sometimes environmentally friendly, and it is essential to research before choosing a luxury box manufacturer.


    Luxury boxes can be customized with logos, designs, and branding elements to reflect a company's image and brand identity.


    Luxury boxes can be made in a wide range of sizes, depending on the product they are intended to hold.


    Luxury boxes are typically more durable than regular cardboard boxes due to the higher quality materials used and the attention to detail in the production process.


    The minimum order quantity for luxury boxes varies depending on the manufacturer. Production and shipping times can also vary depending on the design's complexity and the order's size.


    Luxury boxes are suitable for a wide range of products, but they may only be practical or cost-effective for some products.


    Luxury boxes can be recycled, depending on the specific materials used in their production. It is essential to check with the manufacturer or recycling guidelines to ensure proper disposal.

    What are Custom Luxury Boxes?

    Luxury packaging lends a sense of opulence to your products. CustomBoxline is your go-to service provider when it comes to packaging solutions. We are a leading company in the USA that strives to bring customized packaging solutions for its clientele based on their needs. If you are serving an audience that buys high-end products and loves to spend on the packaging to enhance their purchasing experience, then Custom Luxury Boxes are meant for you.

    We design and manufacture luxury boxes using materials bound to give your packaging a premium touch. Our luxury boxes are strong, sturdy, and usually polished, making them extra special and appealing to your customers. You can choose a finishing touch of your choice from the various options like:

    • Splashes of colors
    • Matte finishing
    • Velvety finish
    • Foil stamping with gold lining

    Moreover, these boxes can be customized into different styles depending on the needs and products of our clients. Some styles are:

    • Sliding drawer
    • Partial cover
    • Rounded or other shapes
    • Shoulder and neck

    These are just a few of the available options. The luxury boxes will not only protect and present your products in a premium manner, but they will also speak volumes for your brand. You could also include dividers in your luxury boxes for added protection and security of your product. This luxurious packaging will keep your product safe during transit and make customers feel this luxury.

    Benefits of Custom Luxury Boxes

    Customized boxes are a very versatile solution for a business' packaging needs. They are not only practical and functional but also attractive and affordable. However, if you want to take your packaging up many notches, you may think about custom luxury boxes. These boxes bring a touch of grandeur to your products and help you endorse your business to a targeted audience. When you target the right audience, you will be able to increase the ROI of your business. Here are a few benefits of customizing your boxes:

    • Bring the next level of glam to your merchandise using these luxurious boxes by getting them designed in synchronization with the theme of your brand.
    • Use these unique boxes as a marketing tool to endorse and promote your brand.
    • Add more value, glitz, and drama to your luxurious boxes by using different printing techniques available in the market.
    • Keep your products safe while showcasing them in the unique way possible.
    • Get your boxes made creatively to bring the maximum value out of your packaging solution.

    These resourceful boxes can lend a personalized touch to your products in a very magnificent way. Available in various shapes, sizes, decorative styles, and designs, our luxury boxes serve you the best in every way possible. So, go ahead and get your custom boxes made for your business from CustomBoxline and get ahead of your marketing game and the beautiful presentation of your products.

    Luxury Packaging Boxes – An Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

    CustomBoxline is aware that as a corporate firm, you have the responsibility of being environmentally conscious hence should have an eco-friendly packaging solution. Worry not, as our custom boxes are made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Our team is always looking for sustainable materials and innovative ways to make environmentally friendly packaging possible for your business. We strive to bring you long-term solutions corresponding to our duty and care toward our environment and the planet.

    • If you have delicate products like perfumes or jewelry, you may consider e-flute or f-flute as your primary material. These boxes are not only durable and robust but also stylish. You get the best of both worlds using this material, a premium exterior for display, and a sturdy interior to keep your goods safe and secure during shipping and handling.
    • You can also add a foam interior to your boxes that will make your boxes more appealing while providing stiffness to keep your boxed content in position while adding prestige to your products as well as packaging.

    Get in touch with us immediately to get your boxes designed and made by the best and most creative team in the USA and make your products stand out in the crowd!

    What role do Luxury Shipping Boxes play in shipment and Branding?

    Getting a well-designed customized luxury box will add a sense of grandeur to your products, which the consumer will instantly feel. It would be best if you got these boxes designed keeping in view the items to be packaged. The custom boxes should be personalized and designed with dividers and inserts to keep the goods safe and secure during shipment and handling. Adding custom finishes to the containers will undoubtedly enhance the value for consumers while grandly representing your brand.

    Moreover, consumers of high-end products are becoming more aware of sustainability. Therefore, brands with luxury products must always keep this in view factor while getting their packaging solutions designed. For example, get a sleek and appealing rigid box designed by CustomBoxline to hold the waste to a minimum, or use recyclable packaging, for that matter.

    Our special shipping boxes are all you need to keep your products from contamination and weather while they are shipped and transported safely to their destination. In addition, these boxes will undoubtedly help you develop trust with your consumers, as they will always get products in perfect form through your brand.

    Get custom Luxury Gift Boxes to Level up your Gifts.

    Are you looking for customized luxury gifting packaging options? Well, you have come to the right place as CustomBoxline brings you the most reliable and sturdy packaging to help you protect your gift from damage while surprising your loved ones with a beautiful gift box and contents. Visit our website and go through our wide-ranging custom box options to choose the right one for your gift.

    Our custom boxes will help you maintain the quality and integrity of your products and contents. These boxes are the perfect way to package your gifts and ship them or take them yourself, so the offering reaches the recipient in the best form. Our sturdy boxes ensure that the extreme weather conditions or the handling during shipping don't affect the contents of your gift in any way. You can choose a box that suits your needs and decide the shape and size accordingly. One of our specialists can design it according to your exact dimensions. Whether you want to give out favors on your wedding or birthday or any other event or wish to make your loved one's occasion special, our custom boxes are the way to go.

    How Custom Luxury Candle Boxes make your Candles more Enticing?

    Candles make a great present and are trending a lot these days. So, if you wish to pamper a loved one with a special surprise, gift them a beautiful and fragrant candle, and they would love such a therapeutic gift. These candles provide a very soothing environment and give your home the feel of a spa. However, some candles are very delicate and must be adequately packaged. Besides, a customized gift box would take your gift up many notches. So, get a custom candle box from CustomBoxline and pack your candle with love and care.

    If you have a business of luxurious candles, then luxury candle boxes would be perfect for keeping your candles safe and presenting them to customers. You can get printed candle boxes as well to market your brand. Add enticing pictures of your candles in some romantic or tranquil setting and see how your sales get boosted. Get in touch with us; we love designing and manufacturing candle boxes for your business. Luxurious boxes would serve the best as you want to keep the candles safe and fragrant and lure more customers.

    Ways to Market your Shoes Using Custom Luxury Shoe Boxes

    Customization is the way to go in this era where consumers have all the power. So, if you wish to market your shoe business to gain a competitive edge, get your business some custom shoe boxes designed luxuriously using the latest design and printing techniques. Here's how you can succeed with customization:

    • Selling your shoes in custom boxes can make a huge difference. Your potential clients will find you serious about your business and products when they see so much effort in the packaging. Moreover, these boxes with your name and logo will leave a lasting impact on the customers and reinforce your brand in the memory.
    • These boxes will enhance your sales and bring more traffic to your website and physical store when you use enticing details and offers to engage your customers.
    • Use all the available space on the boxes to powerfully impact the customer's mind and win them over with detailing and premium packaging. They will know that you want to keep your products safe and wish for the clients to have them in the best form, which will surely boost your sale.

    Why choose Rigid Boxes and Luxury Packaging?

    Choosing good packaging for your product is similar to choosing a luxurious dress for a special occasion. The more premium and high-end the items are, the more elegant and exotic the packaging has to be for it to represent the brand and complement the item. When done right, the packaging can deliver a brand message before opening the Box. At CustomBoxline, we think of boxes and deliver such exciting experiences.

    Different types of Custom Rigid Boxes From CustomBoxline

    Rigid Box structure (collapsible, magnetic Box, book style, 2-piece lid & tray, 2-piece tray and sleeve, and many more).
    Box inserts (rigid insert, foam insert, paperboard insert)
    Paper options (Textured paper, pattern paper)
    Custom Accessories (Pull ribbon, buttons, and magnets)

    What are Luxury Boxes or Rigid Boxes?

    Often referred to as set-up boxes, rigid boxes are one of the most sought-after stock materials for luxury packaging boxes. Almost all premium and luxury brands use rigid box packaging for their premium and delicate product.

    Rigid boards have a pasted paperboard or Kraft paper on the outside, so your customer always sees your brand throughout the unveiling experience.

    Can you customize Luxury Boxes?

    Rigid boxes can be customized the same way as any paperboard packaging box, and you can choose various styles and print multiple colors. Rigid boxes can also be combined with Kraft paper to make them eco-friendly and ideal for environmentally friendly and bio-degradable packaging.

    Why choose our Rigid Box for luxury box packaging?

    Our rigid boxes provide excellent protection and security because of the rigid board's strength and durability. When choosing Rigid boxes for your packaging needs, you don't have to worry about your products getting damaged. And importantly, your customers will experience the most premium and sensational customer experience from receiving the Box to opening it.

    This was my first experience with CustomBoxline and I must say it was no less than an awesome experience. Mark worked with me throughout the project. He was helpful, informative, and patient. I went through several revisions resulting in a simple but effective package that arrived as expected and in good time. Thank You Customboxline.com

    Grace –

    Great vendor to do business with. Knowledgeable and helpful staff, easy design to production process and quick turnaround of excellent quality product. We used CustomBoxline for multiple projects and have been completely satisfied each time. Highly recommended.

    David –

    Customer reviews