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    History of candles

    The candle signifies brightness or light in the darkness. The candle making is an ancient craft to eliminate darkness of the surrounding. Humans relied on candles for thousands of years when there were no other means to illuminate the ambience. The candle has a long history dated back in 200 BC when somewhere in China people found ways to use whale fat to make the first candle in the history of mankind. Slowly and gradually by 13th century, this art of making candles reached far off countries such as England and France and  became a guild skill. They would use cow and sheep fat to burn and get light from. The candles had a limited access to masses and were generally restricted to be sold in nearby towns.

    Evolution of Candle Making Craft

    In recent times, we came across a revolution in candle making and wonder how candles have evolved to gain so much diversity? In present times, when every house is lit with electricity the significance of candle has changed and the candle making craft is redefined. Now, we do not look at candles as a mere source of light but it generates feelings of love, hope, luxury, festivity, purity and many more. For this multiplicity, the innovative minds worked ingeniously and gathered different sources to make a difference. Walking through the isle, we glance at the number of candles made with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and essential oils. Candles are now manufactured both at commercial and domestic level and have their own niche market.

    Why your candles need a custom packaging?

    Since candles are sold to masses and have an easy access to the buyer, the market places and retail shelves are thronged by countless candle brands. How would your candle attract a customer sitting on the crowded shelf? The precise answer is, it needs to be visually captivating to gain the right attention.  The next question arises, how a manufacturer can render it alluring? The simplest answer is, custom packaging of your candle product can make it distinctive. You can pack your product in your branded packaging, making it exclusive to catch the eye of the consumer.

    Where and how to customize paper packaging for your candles?

    CustomBoxline is an online printing and packaging company that is serving manufacturers or all their candle packaging requirements. Dedicated to excellence, we provide exceptional quality packaging for your goods. When it comes to printing and packaging, we critically evaluate all aspects of the packaging to market your candle brand. Our specialist designers assist our valued customers with their artwork and box styles. Both our design and production teams work in collaboration to

    How CustomBoxline helps Homemade Candle Makers

    Homemade candle makers learnt the art to bring various ingredients to make their candles unique. This ancient craft opened a door to countless homemade candle makers to present their ingenuity by producing a distinctive candle and sell them on e-commerce platforms for low min affordable prices