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    Custom Mailer Boxes

    Product Description :

    Take your customer on an extraordinary journey with our custom mailer boxes to give them the ultimate product unboxing experience. This packaging style is ideal for advertisements, e-commerce packaging, and increasing brand recognition. In addition, we offer the following features when you hire us to produce mailer boxes.

    Key Features:

    • Pantone and CMYK process printing for greater color accuracy.
    • Foldable boxes that lay flat for easy storage and assembly.
    • Durable material and assembled in seconds.
    • Constructed for logistics to deliver your items without damage.
    • It is made with E-Flute corrugated stock for additional robustness.

    Design Templates

    Download professionally created templates for your project


    Looking for a custom size template? Our CAD engineers
    can create a template for your specific box size. Order your
    custom size templates starting at $2.99/-

    Paper stock:

    SBS (16 to 24 pt), Kraft, Corrugated (E, B, AB etc. flutes)


    Offset (CMYK, Up to 4PMS colors)


    Matte/Gloss Lamination, Spot UV, Soft touch


    Digital 2D Flat view or 3D mockup

    File Resolution:

    Minimum 300 dpi resolution is required for optimal results

    RGB to CMYK

    Color mode must be in CMYK to be a print ready document. In the event that file(s) are submitted utilizing some other color mode, for example RGB, the file(s) will be changed over to CMYK during preflighting

    Bleed, Cutline and Safety

    Add a total of 0.25” to your original size for proper bleed. (0.125” to each side of your document)


    Most orders are shipped within 7 to 10 working days.

    CustomBoxline makes every effort to ensure a timely delivery, There are however situations that are beyond our control and the delivery times may be affected by the following,

    • Artwork issues
    • Federal holidays
    • Large quantities
    • Force majeure

    CustomBoxline strives to not just meet your expectations but to help you achieve success in your business. However, in the rare event that a “manufacturing defect” occurs, we offer a re-print or a refund

    The deadline for all reprint / refund requests is “7 calendar days” from the delivery date. Lost shipments must be reported within 15 days from the ship out date.

    We understand that unexpected events occur and we do our best to accommodate. If your circumstances are likely to change and you wish to cancel an order that is already in process, please inform us as soon as possible. Your refund will depend on how close your order is to completion. Of course, if we have not begun working on your order, you are entitled to a complete refund.


    CustomBoxline works with all major carriers to delivery packaging material worldwide. Boxes are shipped flat. Tracking information is provided as soon as it becomes available!

    Free Shipping *We are not able to work with third party shipping at moment.

    Prototype Samples

    Pre-production CAD samples ensure the box is a perfect fit for your products!

    Order CAD Sample
    CAD Sample

    Features & Services

    Our key features and services help brands move forward with seamless production for

    their custom mailer boxes and providing an edge in the challenging retail competition.


    Material Selection

    A variety of stock grades are available to pick for your custom mailer boxes. Paperboard, kraft and corrugated are the most common substrates for most applications.


    Lithographic Printing

    We print with huge lithographic machines, utilizing the highest quality printing processes for cardboard boxes. Our printed boxes look nice and sharp with great color accuracy.


    Premium Finishing

    We offer a variety of finishing options for your custom mailer packaging. Our various embellishments are sure to provide your packaging an edge over the competition.


    Sustainable Solution

    We help environmentally conscious brands explore options for sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly packaging helps reduce your carbon footprint on this planet.

    Explore Stock Options for Your Custom Mailers

    Below are a few professional suggestions on how to personalize your mailers and illustrations of how they turn out.

    In case any of these are not to your liking, rest assured that you can still get your mailer boxes custom made from scratch just the way you envision.

    Corrugated White

    Premium white stock is a great choice for your packaging box. With your custom artwork and design printed, the final outcome becomes great to look and it feels really nice as well. Get your artwork printed anywhere on the outside or both sides and we will make it a reality using our brilliant CMYK printing processes. Add delicate touches to your packaging with foil stamping, embossing/debossing or Spot UV and choose from a matte or glossy finish to create a box that makes a lasting impression on your customers.

    Material Strength

    • 1/16” thick Industrial grade 32-ECT E-flute Corrugated Stock
    • Optimized for direct shipping
    • Full-color CMYK and Pantone color matching capabilities
    • Brilliant print quality with surface embellishments
    • A recommended card stock for heavier/fragile items
    • Custom dividers, flexible foam inserts for extra protection
    Request an Estimate!

    Corrugated Kraft

    Corrugated Stock also comes in natural brown kraft and gives a rustic texture to the touch. This stock is mainly chosen for its environmentally friendly nature for producing organic packaging and an eco-friendly alternative for your products. Your logo or design can be printed anywhere on the outside or both sides. However, it is best to stick to minimalist design and colors as the final outcome may not look the same as on your computer screen due to the absorbing nature of this stock.

    Material Strength

    • 1/16” thick Industrial grade 32-ECT flute
    • Optimized for direct shipping
    • Full-color CMYK and Pantone color matching capabilities
    • Brilliant print quality with surface embellishments
    • A recommended card stock for heavier items
    • Custom dividers, flexible foam inserts for extra protection
    Request an Estimate!

    A Premium Finishing Touch

    Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, we are able to offer finishing and coating options befitting any box design.

    Explore our unique solutions that give a plethora of benefits for a great packaging experience.

    High Gloss

    High gloss finishing means the outer surface of your packaging would be super shiny. This gives it a bright and reflective look that attracts attention. This brilliant reflective surface produced with high gloss finishing serves to make it stand out from other bland and regular / plain packaging. We produce high gloss mailer boxes that are sure to create an impact.

    Soft Matte

    Soft matte finishing is very popular because it makes your packaging look exactly how you wish to see it. The artwork and colors look accurate and there is very little light reflected from this surface. But what makes this a great choice for packaging is how it feels in your hands. This coating adds a smooth protective layer that feels really great too.

    Spot UV

    Spot UV is a special coating that is often only applied to specific areas on the box artwork / design. It makes that area shine and reflective and also gives it a slightly raised feel when touched. It adds a certain elegance and sophistication to the packaging and is a great choice to highlight specific parts of the artwork in a unique way.

    Foil Stamping

    Foil stamping adds a very reflective golden and / or silver shade to specific areas on your packaging. This creates a unique design that gives a unique look to your artwork. This also gives off a premium feel to your packaging design.

    Protecting Your Premium Products

    Custom Inserts & Dividers

    CustomBoxline endeavors to guarantee that your products are not compromised in any way during delivery or mailing services. This is why our custom-made mailer boxes come in thicknesses ranging from E-flute to many other variations. The primary purpose of a mailer box is to deliver any sort of product without it sustaining any damage so this is in essence what we are dedicated to ensuring.

    For exceptionally fragile or delicate products we suggest having your mailer boxes fitted with custom inserts. These inserts are tailor-made using your product's measurements to make sure they fit perfectly, hence adding an extra layer of security. Additionally, dividers can be added to your boxes to partition or organize your products within a mailer box.

    Key Features

    • Custom Layouts
    • Product Safety
    • Optimize shipping
    • Printing & Finishing
    • Up-scale Presentations
    Request an Estimate!

    A Perfect Custom Printed Shipping Box

    Open Mailer Boxes Preview

    Order cardboard and corrugated shipping boxes with your amazing custom printed designs. CustomBoxline has been serving as a printing and packaging box supplier in USA for more than a decade. Our printing process is flawless and provides great color accuracy to your artwork. Plus, we are able to offer free shipping on all orders due to our fully integrated supply chain network. Our shipping boxes are famous for their strength and durability.

    Great Marketing Tool

    Custom mailer boxes are a great advertising tool and can be used to market your brand before customers even see your products. People often buy a product because of its charm. This packaging style can act as a catalyst for increasing sales.

    Our Cutting-edge Custom Corrugated Mailers

    At CustomBoxline, we manufacture packaging boxes in a variety of sizes (dimensions - length, width, height), styles (shapes) and colors (CMYK, Pantone etc.). With our state-of-the-art printing technology, we can help you create your packaging to elevate your brand’s image. We provide exceptional quality packaging at remarkably affordable and competitive prices. Nearly all industries use custom-designed mailers to communicate information about their products. Custom-printed mailers are a great value for money, according to most consumer goods and product-based companies.

    Creating A Mock-up

    To help with visualizing your final packaging, our professional design team creates digital / 3D mock-ups with your artwork and design before we send your order to production. We ensure our products are manufactured exactly as per our customers' specifications.

    CAD Samples

    Custom samples are a great way to test the packaging before getting bulk production done. This ensures that the dimensions are accurate and stock material is as per your liking. We can ship you a prototype box for a very small charge.

    Quality Assurance

    We are very concerned about the quality of our products and customer concerns. We have established a set of standards and quality controls that each manufactured box must meet before it can be shipped.

    Mailer Box Design

    Custom Packaging FAQs

    Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about custom packaging.
    If you don't find your answer here please call us at 1-800-205-9972 and talk to one of our packaging consultants.


    Mailer boxes are a type of packaging that is designed to be shipped through the mail. They are typically made of corrugated cardboard or paperboard and are used to protect and transport various items, such as products, documents, or gifts.


    Yes, mailer boxes can be customized with various printing options, such as logos, branding, and messaging. Customization options also include different sizes, shapes, and colors.


    The most common materials for mailer boxes are corrugated cardboard and paperboard. Corrugated cardboard combines two or more layers of paper with a fluted layer in between. Paperboard is a thicker, heavier version of the standard form and can be used for smaller, lightweight items.


    The cost of mailer boxes varies depending on the materials, size, quantity, and customization options. Generally, the cost per box decreases as the amount ordered increases.


    You can order at CustomBoxline and other companies that offer mailer boxes, including packaging suppliers, online retailers, and print shops. It is essential to research different options to find the best fit for your needs and budget.


    The lead time for mailer boxes varies depending on the customization options. Generally, receiving your order can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.


    Many suppliers offer the option to order small quantities of mailer boxes, typically starting at 50 units. However, ordering in bulk can often result in cost savings.


    Mailer boxes can be environmentally friendly if made from sustainable materials, such as recycled or biodegradable materials. Researching different suppliers and materials is essential to make an informed decision.


    Yes, most mailer boxes can be recycled. However, it is essential to check with local recycling facilities to determine the specific recycling guidelines in your area.


    The maximum weight that can be shipped in a mailer box varies depending on the size and strength of the box. Generally, mailer boxes can safely transport items up to 65 pounds.

    We Manufacture The Best Custom Printed Mailing Boxes

    Our boxes are an excellent packaging solution to deliver your products safely and securely without any damage anywhere in the USA or the entire world. We are expert packaging manufacturers and have been in this industry for over two decades. Hire us to create your perfect packaging box and ensure the success of your business by standing out prominently from other e-commerce packaging, subscription boxes, and commercial companies in the market. Our diverse packaging services are available to customize and accommodate your box to any dimensions and fittings for multiple applications.

    We manufacture our mailing boxes with sustainable and fully recyclable materials to help fight against climate change. This packaging also serves as an eco-friendly solution because we use water-based soluble ink for printing. We also never compromise on the quality of our stock material. Our packaging experts pay close attention to the material, construction, and shipping for absolute customer satisfaction. Multiple quality checks are also in place throughout the production run to ensure no errors.

    Advertising on custom printed mailing boxes is time-tested and one of the most successful strategies for creating a unique market presence. This is why businesses utilize custom mailer boxes for bespoke packaging. For an ultimate customer experience, upload your company logo and signature elements in our online quote form for a quick price estimate. We promise to deliver consistency, so you create an excellent impression on your customer.

    The price of the boxes includes your artwork/design and logo layout. Other pricing factors are surface finishes/coatings such as matte or gloss and add-ons like debossing/embossing or gold foiling. Hire us today to customize your promotional packaging or invitations for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements. Beautifully customized packaging can create a lasting memory. Fill out the form above to request a price quote today.

    Call us  for Unmatched Custom Mailer Boxes

    Every well-established subscription and promotional marketing brand wishes to add extra value to its products. To achieve this goal, these brands provide the most eye-catching and physically attractive packaging to increase their appeal. Our custom packaging solutions perfectly complement the products inside and bring everything together. We understand how crucial custom-printed mailing boxes are to businesses and their clients. Therefore, we ensure these boxes are produced beautifully without error and also without costing too much.

    As USA's most credible packaging service provider, we handle all the logistics by providing all-inclusive pricing with free shipping and no sales taxes. We encourage our customers to present their custom designs so we may bring them to life as per their desired packaging expectations and dreams. Our custom-printed mailing boxes are cost-effective and can accommodate different shapes and sizes. With a fully customizable approach, our clients can choose from other coatings and add-ons to complete their desired outlook.

    We guarantee to meet our customers' expectations so that you can deliver your packaging safely to your clients in the USA. Contact us today for custom-printed mailing boxes with your packaging specifications (shape, color, and design). Regardless of the complexity of the artwork layout, our packaging experts ensure the best quality output. Furthermore, we help you pick the appropriate stock material and coating for your use case.

    You have come to the right place to order custom-printed mailing boxes. Our initial consultation is free of cost, so the clients understand our operations. Then, we offer competitive pricing, high-quality printing, and a fast turnaround to facilitate our American clients. Finally, let us guide you in creating customer loyalty with personalized packaging!

    Why Are Custom Mailing Boxes So Popular?

    For many reasons, modern and e-commerce businesses and online shopping stores are increasingly interested in custom mailing boxes. The following are just a few benefits of how your company/service can benefit from these boxes.

    First, custom mailing boxes weigh relatively less as these are usually manufactured with E-flute corrugated stock. In addition, these boxes are easy to store. Plus, the simplified structural design also makes handling and logistics easier. As a result, the shipping and storage costs are significantly reduced.

    Second, in addition to the lightweight boxes, they are incredibly secure. The front and surrounding flaps ensure the products stay inside the box and do not move around too much. Moreover, the groove adds rigidity to the box structure and increases its durability, strength, and toughness. As a result, our custom mailing boxes are trendy among US businesses because they do not get damaged easily.

    Third, custom mailing boxes provide a unique customer experience at affordable prices without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the incredibly high demand ensures competitive prices. As a result, businesses can use these special custom packaging to gain a competitive advantage for their clients.

    In addition, the custom mailing boxes are also environmentally friendly! We celebrate sustainability. We also understand that customers today are incredibly aware of global warming, climate change, and similar environmental challenges. Therefore, showing your business that it cares for the planet is an excellent initiative to capture this side of the market share.

    Contact us today with your business logo and colors for customized packaging solutions so your customers can immediately recognize your brand from far away!

    All you need to know about Custom Printed Mailer Boxes!


    Natural Brown Kraft Stock

    The primary material in kraft corrugated custom-printed mailer boxes is its natural brown kraft board. The material is precisely how you imagine a delivery box to look like! In addition, it is an environmentally friendly, rough material but can still look nice with your custom design. Kraft material is growing in businesses and becoming increasingly popular because of its sustainability and recyclable properties.

    Premium White Stock with Exceptional High-quality Printing

    If you wish to impress your USA clients, we suggest using our premium white stock material with your custom artwork and design. It gives outstanding results with high-quality and professional printing. This is the most commonly used cardboard stock, with multiple finishing options. As a result, your logo and design look stylish, unique, and very high-end on custom-printed mailer boxes.

    Regular White Stock with the Same High-quality Printing

    We also offer custom-printed mailer boxes made out of regular white cardboard stock. It is an affordable option for start-up businesses. This cost-effective strategy presents a unique opportunity for start-ups. In addition, it is cost-effective marketing and advertising solution.


    Our manufacturing team will ensure that your custom-printed mailer boxes look perfect and are error-free from all angles. With CMYK or Pantone, mix and match colors on your artwork or use a single-tone color scheme to market your business. Also, if you already have a design layout, our design team will produce a digital mock-up to fit with the mailer box structure so that you can review what it would look like after printing is completed. So, fill out the form above to request a price quote today.

    Explore our gallery for your custom-printed mailer box ideas and finalize the best options for clients. Choose from stock material thickness, colors in the artwork, different finishing and coatings, and add-ons to create a truly unique packaging solution that perfectly fits your brand image.

    Feel free to reach out and contact our packaging experts for their professional advice.

    Why are Custom Mailer Boxes with Logo Good for Your Business?

    Our custom mailer boxes with logos are designed to deliver the most memorable unboxing experience for USA customers. We have assisted many businesses in creating custom boxes with logos so that their customers can immediately recognize their brand from the unlimited market options. With a vast range of customization options to choose from, we can accommodate all kinds of size and color requirements. Look at the material section above to create your personalized custom mailer box with a logo.

    We use compostable and water-soluble ink for printing, so our packaging designs are a perfect match for launching a new sustainable and eco-friendly product. It is time you modernize the packaging and deliver the unexpected while keeping the costs low.

    Custom mailing boxes with logos are a good fit for all markets and can ship ceramics, apparel, home decor items, e-commerce products, and so much more. Personalize your packaging, ensuring your brand is memorable. Contact us today to learn more about the available custom sizes and features. We offer flexible and competitive prices so your business can expand and grow.

    Custom Boxes Catering to Multiple Markets

    From bakeries to apparel, arts & crafts to gifts and holidays, our custom box printing and packaging services in the USA catering to all your packaging needs with great ease and comfort. Our customer success is our success which is why we provide exceptional customer service with the assistance of our highly skilled and vastly experienced packaging experts. So give us a call or get in touch via email or chat, and we would be happy to answer all your questions.

    We produce our custom boxes from the finest materials of corrugated stock, Kraft sheets, and cardboard. We keep our customer's use of these boxes in mind while designing the structure and design of the box. Our custom tab lock mailing boxes are widely used in virtually every market. Here you will find a few examples of these tuck-top mailers and their everyday use:

    • Candle Mailer Boxes
    • Apparel Boxes
    • Subscription Boxes
    • Electronics Packaging
    • Cosmetic Boxes
    • Kitchenware Boxes

    These boxes are highly customizable to complement the product inside. For example, our brown natural Kraft mailer boxes look amazing for organic products and suit the product aesthetic perfectly. This customization convenience makes this custom packaging box an excellent choice for your product. One of the critical aspects of these boxes is that no taping or adhesives are required for assembly.

    Custom mailer packaging is utilized in all sorts of industries because of what they offer in terms of box strength and utility. In addition, they are exquisitely customizable to present an entirely new and creative look for every type of product in any category. While the quality of the box itself is remarkable, the manufacturer in the USA responsible for making these also needs to have ample knowledge of its application during its production.

    These mailers are an intelligent and excellent choice to package products for retail and direct shipping, and we are expert manufacturers capable of solving all packaging challenges.

    Order your boxes made in custom shapes, sizes, and layouts. We ensure that these boxes are produced with high-quality and errorless packaging services in the USA with free shipping. These mailers serve two primary purposes. First, they are easy to assemble and carry and can be used for all kinds of products. The second is that they are highly durable and sturdy, capable of protecting your products from damage during shipping.

    Our boxes are utilized in all sorts of markets because of their structural integrity plus the reliability of the stock material used for their production. Mailer boxes are known for their strength and durability. In addition, they are highly customizable to present a fresh look for every type of product in any category. But the quality of the box is only the beginning. It also matters which tube manufacturing company you choose to produce these boxes in the USA.

    Get a price quote for our custom mailers today!

    CustomBoxline produces Boxes with Lasting Impressions.

    We have a range of mailers with customization capabilities in different colors, shapes, and dimensions. With our latest lithographic high-quality printing techniques, we help customize your boxes and highlight your brand image in the market.

    With what we offer, i.e., the best quality printing and packaging service in the USA, our mailer packaging will become the defining quality of your brand. Your customers will automatically trust your brand to have quality products once they have seen how you encased them in our custom packaging. After all, only the most precious items are kept secure and safe in unique, beautiful mailer packaging.

    Only a handful of markets cannot use these mailer boxes' unique capabilities and excellent structural design. Most product and consumer-goods-based organizations will agree that these boxes are worth every penny they cost.

    This was my first experience with CustomBoxline and I must say it was no less than an awesome experience. Mark worked with me throughout the project. He was helpful, informative, and patient. I went through several revisions resulting in a simple but effective package that arrived as expected and in good time. Thank You Customboxline.com

    Grace –

    Great vendor to do business with. Knowledgeable and helpful staff, easy design to production process and quick turnaround of excellent quality product. We used CustomBoxline for multiple projects and have been completely satisfied each time. Highly recommended.

    David –

    Customer reviews