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    Why Offset Printing is Preferred over Digital Printing

    Why Offset Printing is Preferred over Digital Printing

    Nowadays, different printing methods serve various industries, allowing them to produce designs according to their specific requirements. There is, however, an old method called lithography or offset printing that most people don’t give a lot of importance to; it offers superior quality over any other printing techniques, along with many other options for printing purposes. So today, you will learn everything about offset printing to make an informed decision for your next printing project.


    What is Offset Printing?


    Lithography or Offset printing is an old method of printing where the use of rubber blankets/rollers and metal plates helps in printing the image on any printable surface. First, a special mixture of liquid is poured into the metal plates of different designs in advance; now, the metal imaging plate is transferred to the rubber blanket. After that, it’s placed on different printable surfaces to get the work done. 


    Usually, the use of Offset printing was nominal in its peak time on printable surfaces like Leather, Paper sheets, paper cups, newspapers, and magazines. However, if you are keen to use it in the current times, then it’s also considerable to print different designs of images on the high-quality custom mailer boxes too. Meanwhile, you can consider it for other printing surfaces too depending on your needs.


    Historical details of Offset printing:


    In 1800s, Offset printing was called as Lithography and it’s introduced as a cost-effective method of printing. Theatrical and artwork materials reproduction was the primary reasons for its existence. At that time, the mixture of oil and water makes the liquid material, and limestone is used as a plate to create the images that were then printed on the printable surfaces.


    In the start, using a rotary printing press and a cylinder tends to be the option of printing the images on the surfaces. However, things got upgraded, and an entire rotary drum printing idea was discovered and presented in 1843. It was also introduced as the first lithographic printing press, where a rotating offset was used.


    As time flies and innovations are made in this printing method, metal plates and rubber blankets/rollers are now used to print images on printable surfaces.


    What are the Advantages of Offset Printing?


    The strong quality of Offset printing is one of the primary advantages of the market. If you expect to print something in bulk quantity, then there is no option except offset printing. Besides that, Offset printing provides you with amazing quality for printing images, logos, or any other design with affordable investments. 


    If you are expecting to create different color mailer boxes, then you must demand to do it as early as possible. Usually, the printing methods available in the market can’t do high-quality printing at the earliest time. However, offset printing gives you an edge to print the boxes as soon as possible. If you are thinking about printing a bulk of box pairs, offset printing is capable enough to fulfil your needs instantly.


    Why is Offset Printing more preferable to other printings?


    We have mentioned that most people who don’t consider offset printing go with the trending printing methods. Meanwhile, we also mentioned that offset printing provides quality and other important factors. So, we briefly share those factors in this section with you.


    First, large-scale businesses or commercial industries can leverage a lot from offset printing compared to other options. Therefore, offset printing is designed primarily for these two sectors.

    Usually, printing the designs or images on the best custom mailer boxes, paper sheets, paper cups, or other printable surfaces is not cost-effective with other printing methods. However, the use of offset printing is like drastically saving your money. As you have a lot of items to print designs or images, it gets cheaper for you with offset printing.


    If you are a product seller, you would have a variety of product ranges. Therefore, you must also consider the variety of cheap custom mailer boxes for the products. The good thing about offset printing on the boxes for your brand is that it provides versatility for printing on printable surfaces. So, whatever type of boxes you have, you can easily print logos, images, or any other box design without any issues.


    In the end, another critical reason to consider offset printing is the durability of the printing. You can spend a few bucks on long-lasting printing.


    What purpose of usage is ideal with Offset printing?


    Offset printing is ideal on various printing surfaces, such as ice cream cups, customizable mailer boxes, plastic cups, leather, paper cups, etc. In the past, the market people considered offset printing to print magazines and newspapers, too. However, the current influence of offset printing makes it a versatile option for people of different industries. However, long-lasting printing quality remains the prime factor of its usage in every industry.





    Nathan Ford

    NATHAN FORD Thursday 15 December 2022

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