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    Gold Foil Printing

    Gold foil printing or gold foil stamp is a manufacturing process where mettalic gold foil is applied on cardboard using heat on a specially designed press machine setup. The final result of gold foil printing looks fantastic as the gold foil printing glimmers and adds a deep layer of gold shine to the design and it also feels great to the touch.

    Gold Foil
    Gold Foil Stamp


    Gold Foil Printing & Colors

    Customize your packaging with standard gold foil printing colors available and widely used in the printing industry. Contact our packaging experts for more details on gold foil printing choices.

    Gold Foil Stamp

    Our expertise with gold foil stamp can help you bring about a unique design and artwork that can make your business stand out. Gold Foil stamp adds glamour to your packaging. Gold foil stamp elevates the look of your product by adding a mix of luxury and class.

    Gold Foil Stamp Process

    Gold Foil stamp uses heat and metallic blocks in a purpose built machine, specially designed to produce a gold foil stamp on cardboard as well as other stock materials. The final result looks exquisite and gives a high-end and premium feel. Gold foil stamp otherwise also known as gold hot stamping, gold foil hot stamp, dry foil stamping, hot foil imprinting, or gold leaf stamping, can be combined with unique artwork and customized designs to make your packaging luxurious and premium.

    Gold Foil Printing


    Instead of using metal plates or gold inks to print words and shapes, we make gold foil stamp with metallic blocks or machine made metal stamps. This block is then heated and cardboard is passed through and the machine presses the cardboard with foil in the shape of the metallic block. The pressure of the machines makes the gold foil stamp stick to the cardboard in the shape of the metallic block.

    Add-ons Bring A Whole New Dimensions

    Combining multiple layers of gold foil printing in different colors or by combining standard ink with gold foil stamp can put a new life in otherwise flat and plain design. We also offer a unique combination of add-ons such as embossing and Spot UV to add more embellishments and dimensions which makes your packaging unique and luxurious.

    Gold foil printing produces a uniquely vibrant look with enhanced depth. Our gold foil stamp can be applied diverse selection of cardboard substrates. Contact us today to discuss your project and rest assured that you can always count on CustomBoxline for all of your gold foil printing projects.

    Gold Foil
    Gold Foil