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    If you are searching for free box templates, packaging templates and dielines, then you are on the right place because CustomBoxline is offering free downloadable free box templates. You can easily download these free packaging templates and dielines with the standard sizes by clicking the button below every box template. We are offering a variety of free box templates as our team provides you with several dielines which are absolutely faultless and are precisely measured so that boxes are perfect from every angle. CustomBoxline makes sure that these packaging templates are die cut into error free boxes which then attract the attention of every customer resulting in increased sales.

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    CustomBoxline creates these Box Templates with Lasting Impressions

    A typical example of our packaging templates can be a tuck box which can be stored completely flat. This template can be used to create a soap box or a candle box. We also provide you with pillow free box templates which is used for gift packaging. Our cake box templates can be used to create boxes for bakery products. Alongside this we have a wide variety of dielines which cover all popular boxes such as Mailer Boxes, Gable Boxes, Tray and Sleeve Lid and Tray, Display Boxes, Sleeves and Wrap, milk carton, sandwich boxes, and gift boxes. CustomBoxline will make sure that these packaging templates are die cut into boxes without any kind of errors.

    What is Die Cutting?

    Die cutting is a procedure to cut a material into a specific shape. The most important part of this procedure is a die. A manufactured die is a specialized piece of metal used to cut a specific shape out of a material. CustomBoxline uses materials such as paperboard, Kraft paper, corrugated board, foam, and stickers. All these materials are die cut into boxes which are a feast for the eyes of our beloved customers. Die cutting comes in many shapes and forms, some of which are better suited for labels than others. With the help of dielines our machines die cut these materials and the perforation is also done using the same die.